Crisis management

Crises are unforeseen, uncalculated and unique situations that demand an immediate and effective reaction to mitigate impacts on the image, reputation and credibility of the affected person or company.

Crop Asuntos Públicos has the experience and knowledge to identify a crisis from the moment it starts, to avoid it if possible; once it blows out, to handle it properly.

Thanks to the constant contact and support with the different publics of interests, Crop Asuntos Públicos generates controlled strategies and crisis mitigation with the proper recovery actions.

Detection of opportunities

The creation of business opportunities or reorientation of focus, many times appears in the context of a crisis or a third party view of the issue.

At Crop Asuntos Públicoswe make constant reviews of the business environment in order to identify and launch the strategies that will allow our clients to grow and, additionally, position them or reduce their exposure, in accordance with the objectives.

Public affairs management

The strategic relationship with civil and governmental audiences at all levels – national, departmental and municipal – facilitates the execution of strategic communication plans, while maintaining fluid relationships with different authorities and individuals of interest.

Communication and strategy consultancy

The tools of communication are oriented not only to traditional means of communication, but also include working with new media and other interested publics. Depending on the specific needs and the particularity of the case, Crop Asuntos Públicos supports and generates the processes and communication plans that are necessary, while leading its execution through coordinated work with the areas in charge of the companies of each of our customers.

Coordination and allies

Crop Asuntos Públicos has built a specialized network of partners to meet all your communication needs, from media monitoring to event execution, coordinating all suppliers and adjusting costs to our clients’ budgets.

Spokesperson training and media management

We prepare and train the spokesperson chosen by our clients to minimize the impact of a crisis with appropriate responses and behavior, through actual exercises and building a concise, clear and credible message.